Welcome to my blog! While most of my blog posts are generally updates to inform users of the status of projects I am working on, or to inform them of new features or changes being added to the wiki, I also like to post on major holidays, and, like today, will occassionaly post my thoughts on events surrounding the film.

How'd you like the ending this past Sunday!? Anybody who watched Ryan Phillippe's interview ABC posted the other day, you'd know that he promised the ending would be devastating. And sure enough it was. I was really hoping it would be like the original Australian version... and it was... to an extent.

ABC knew fans were expecting it to end the same yet they promised something new. And sure enough, they provided what they promised. In the Australian version, Ben's daughter, Eva, is arrested. In the American version, Ben takes the fall. On the last webisode from the Australian version, Detective Cornielle is psychologically evaluated to see if he would be able to take on a new case. And the latest involves two victims. And that's where the story leaves off.

In the last webisode for the American version, however, it is revealed that, through emotional gestures, actions, facial expressions, and dialogue, Ben somehow died in prison, and now that Natalie is 18, she can testify against her sister to help clear her father's name. While I originally wanted to believe he was alive and well, waiting to get out, watching it a second time I knew he wasn't coming back.

This is confirmed by various sources of official stature, including the official Twitter account of Ben Crawford actor Ryan Phillippe. The circumstances surrounding his death are not revealed, but it is more than likely he was either killed by another inmate (as child killers don't fare well in prison), committed suicide because he could no longer handle the new life presented to him, or died of a broken heart, knowing that his daughter intentionally killed Tom Murphy, and that she was running free while he was stuck rotting in a prison cell.

Who knows. The webisode ends with Detective Cornell approaching Ben's daughter, Abby, staring her down. It is assumed that we know that, with Cornell's relentlessness, Abby stands no chance. She's going down. All I know is Ryan was right. The ending was devastating.

For the first few days following, the biggest talk is will the series be cancelled or renewed. What people fail to realize, and, I'm glad at least one official source brought it up, is that the "mini-series" was never supposed to become an actual "series". It was a simple story with a ephemeral background, meant for an ephemeral audience. It was meant to be enjoyed, and then forgotten. Granted, we here at the Secrets and Lies/Secrets & Lies wiki will never forget it. That's why we're here.

But for some it's all about ratings. And ratings mean money. And the "series" starting racking in big ratings. So many, in fact, people think a second season is almost guaranteed. But everything will have to change. Ben's no longer around, and future seasons will have to use Detective Cornell as the thread that the story revolves around, and clings to, as it progresses.

Me personally, I don't really think the series (Australian or American) needs a second season. Don't get me wrong. I'm here to help incorporate any new content that may become available if a second season ever was produced, and I'm not necessarily saying that one shouldn't be produced. Seeing the American version was supposed to be the Australian version's counterpart, I don't think the American version should produce a sequel (or second season) unless the Australian version does first. And then we copy it. Like we did with the first "season". If the series is renewed, like I said, I'm here to help incorporate all of the new content, but if it isn't, it's been a wild ride and one that we'll never forget. Or at least I won't! The wiki will be a comprehensive and definitive encyclopedia one of these days, and I hope everyone will get a chance to watch the "series", if they haven't yet already.

Well, sorry for rambling. Brevity was never a strong point of mine. And certain things do bother me. Like the fact that we spent 9 episodes desperately hoping Ben would be found innocent... and he still ended up going to prison. That is some messed up stuff. You know it is. And then to think he died in prison? That's even more messed up. All I can say is that, like Ryan Phillippe said, the ending was "devastating".

I heard an interview with Christy Crawford actress KaDee Strickland who stated that they filmed "multiple endings". (As in, one for each character being the killer so that nobody knew, at that time, who the killer really was.) I would really love to see all of those! If I can get ahold of any of them, I'll definitely post screen captures! The Australian version was released on DVD. Hopefully they'll do the same for the American version. And hopefully there will be DVD extras, like each and every one of those alternate endings she referred to. That would be awesome.

Well guys, I'm going to jump off, but I'll try to post blog entries on a somewhat periodic basis (ie, whenever I feel like it), so stay tuned! And don't get accused of murder. Your life could end up like Ben Crawford. And you wouldn't want that.