The newest news revolving around everyone's favorite series is that production of Secrets and Lies is moving from Wilmington, North Carolina to California.

In the midst of several television shows packing up to film in California, Secrets and Lies, like the others, are going for one reason, and one reason only.

States provide tax credits to television and film producers for filming in their state. And while SAL was able to receive a $100 Million dollar tax credit for it's filming in the state of North Carolina, California recently raised their tax credit limit from $100 Million to $330 Million.

This means that the producers would potentially receive a $330 Million dollar tax credit for filming in California. This also means that SAL may not to have pay any taxes on it's production (which includes everything from transportation and securing locations, to renting props and buying meals for the crew).

And while they said they made several great friends in Wilmington, the show needs a change of scenery. And so Juliette Lewis and the rest of the crew (crew, not cast) packed up and moved to California.

Is it currently unknown whether or not Detective Andrea Cornell will still be based out of the CMPD, or be depicted as having transferred to another large city's police department, such as the LAPD.

I'll let you know as news is available.