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We here at the Secrets and Lies Wiki want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there!

Whether your Christy Gundelach, Christy Crawford, Jess Murphy, Jess Murnane, or even Andrea Cornell, you've worked hard over the years trying to raise your family.

...And even if one of your kids grew up to be a murderer, or wound up in prison, that doesn't necessarily mean you failed to do your job.

You did everything you could and that's all a mom can do.

Hopefully you've thanked your mom, or the motherly figure in your life, for everything she has done for you. Be sure to tell yours Happy Mother's Day, and don't forget to stress the fact that at least she didn't raise an Abby Crawford, Eva Gundelach, or even a Jennifer Barrett!

We celebrate all of the mothers out there, but in particular, we celebrate all of the ones in our favorite mini-series Secrets and Lies / Secrets & Lies. This is your day! Congrats on everything you have done.