Happy Father's Day to everyone here at the Secrets and Lies wiki! Hopefully you have a dad or fatherly figure you can wish a Happy Father's Day to, also.

There been several fathers throughout the series, Ben Crawford, Ben Gundelach, Scott Murphy, Paul Murnane, Joseph Richardson, Tim Turner, but it's Ben Crawford who reminds us all of the powerful bond of fatherhood.

HappyFathersDay-Ben Crawford-2015-001

Poor Ben barely found out he got the son he always wanted, but he didn't get the chance to enjoy it. Instead, his son was murdered, and Ben chooses to protect his youngest daughter, and winds up going to prison in her place. A father's love is a strong bond. And in Ben's case, he proves this by sacrificing the biggest thing of all - his life.

So make sure you wish your father a Happy Father's Day and make sure he knows you love him. Unless you don't. Which is messed up. In which case just lie and tell him you love him anyway.