Previously on "Secrets And Lies"...

I know I've been acting crazy.


But I still can't remember that night.

I didn't say squat to Cornell.

She wanted to know if you had a blue jacket.


Lisa, is Tyler back already?

No, no, Matty's confused.

Can't just go around hitting people, young lady.

He called you a baby killer.

Did you call Jess Murphy the night Tom was killed?


Jess, I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow.

I just wanted to say... I'm sorry.

Can you explain that, Mr. Crawford?

I can't. I can't!

I'm up.

What is it? What time is it?

Hey, man, that night at the bar, did I call Jess?

Dude, if I don't get my 14 hours, I'll kill somebody.

Dave, this is important.

Did I call Jess while we were still together?

I don't think so.

I don't remember much from that night, Ben.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, well, I don't remember anything.

So, now that we got that settled, can you come by and fix my sink for me?

You know, you can learn to fix this stuff yourself.

Why? I learned how to work a phone and call you.

I called you, Dave.

Um, later.

Yay, dad!

Mom said you were gonna sleep in.

Guess mom was wrong about me.

Christy Crawford.

I have your day all planned.

First, we have to go to the store.

I'm making cookies for Nicky's party.

Why can't you ever be ready for school this early?

School's boring.

Christmas vacation isn't.

Can we go when you're done with that?


Good times.

Of course you would.

It's perfect.



No, I can get there.


Okay, I've got to go.

I'll see you there. Yeah.

Who was that?

A client's making an offer on a property.


What was that this morning?


That's not what that was.

I might be late.


You tell me.

She just forgot to put them back on.

You gonna come shopping with me and Abby?


Got a self-immolation I'd rather be at.

Here he comes.

Listen, they're coming.

All right, bye.

Where are the Richardsons? Have they moved?

Are you excited for tonight?


Especially since I found out Hannah's not coming.

I thought you two were best friends.

That was last year, dad.

Now she's best friends with Kelly.

That type of thing goes on a lot with girls your age.

I don't care.

If Hannah's not coming, Kelly won't either.

Dad, Matt's out alone.

Why don't you go back to the house with Natalie?

Wait for me there, okay?


Matty, stop!

Matty, stop!

Stop running!

Matty, Matty! Matty, just stay there!

Just stay there.

You're okay.

Calm down, buddy. Come on.

It's okay, Matty. It's okay!

Listen, Matty, you're okay!

All right, I won't touch you!

Come on, let's just go home.

Home, Matty, okay?

Come on. Stand up.

All right.

We'll get your jacket, and we'll go home, okay?


Damn it.

Matty, stop running!

Come on! Come on.

It's okay, bud. It's okay.

Matty, Matty, come on, man, your house is right there!

Matty, it's right there!

Come on.

I found Matt in the woods!

Did you leave him alone?!

My God!

He made it all the way to the the river!

The river?! Hold this.



Honey, come on, we're gonna go inside and put on dry clothes like after a bath.

Okay, come on, baby. Come on.

Keep him covered, okay?


Come on, sweetie.

It's okay.

You're okay, baby.

It's okay. It's okay.

No more rain, honey.

It's okay, baby.

Okay, almost there, almost there.

I know, sweetie. Yeah.

Go on, let's go get dry.

Hey, Lisa!

Matt was carrying a blue jacket.

Was that his?

Matty's a collector.

He doesn't have a blue jacket, but if he took yours, Ben, I'm sorry.

Okay, Abby.


Right here, dad!

Ready to go?

Yeah, but we got to stop at the police station on the way.

Why? Do they know who killed Tom?

Not yet, but there's something I have to tell the detective.

What is wrong with you?!

This will only take a few minutes.

Have you no shame?!

I need you to lower your voice.

You are unbelievable!


You know what you did!

Step back, please.

You destroyed my husband!

Come this way.

How do you sleep?!

Just wait here for me, okay?

I don't understand.

I give you a key piece of evidence, and you're not interested?

A blue jacket with a blood stain...

I'm very interested.

Now, I don't know how Matt got it, but I'd assume that the jacket would have Tom's killer's DNA on it.

Was this your jacket?


How do you know Tom's killer had a blue jacket?

From you!

You asked Dave if I had a blue ja...

I saw a blue jacket in the woods with a bloodstain on it.

I thought you'd want to know!

And it's missing.

Yeah, it wasn't there when I went back.

You do see my dilemma... you heard I needed evidence, you gave me evidence, and now the alleged evidence is conveniently missing, like your flashlight.

I'll find it myself.

You don't need to do anything, except maybe find somebody who can corroborate your story.

Is that a possibility, Mr. Crawford?

Take these in, hon.

You just won't be happy until the whole neighborhood is gone.

Hello, Kevin.

Not enough you got Scott Murphy turned in and forced the Richardsons to leave.

Now you're pestering Lisa?

I'm not pestering anyone.

Matt almost drowned. I took him home.

Always an excuse.

Best take stock, son.

Thanks, Kevin.

Appreciate the concern.


No place is safe.


What are you doing?

It's just a hand roll, Mr. Crawford.


It's no big deal.

No, um...

Your mom said you were staying at school for Christmas.

Change of plans.

Something happen? She okay?

Yeah, mom's great.

It's a holiday. Families should be together.

Hey, don't worry. Nat doesn't hang out here.

I saw her once, sent her home.

She's a good kid.

Well, she'll want to see you, so I'll just send her by to say hello.

It's probably better if I call her.

My mom has stuff planned, so...

Well, I should get back.

Probably late for something already.

Did you see a blue jacket out here?



You mind not telling my mom that you saw me?

She hates when I smoke.




Did telling deputy do-right about the jacket get her off your back?


She's looking at me like I'm more guilty and making up evidence.

Well, you better find it, man, 'cause I'm not going out on another meal with that chick.

She's scary.

I went back to look for it, and that's when I saw Tyler Daly in the woods out for a smoke.


No, he said it was a cigarette.

Yeah, all right.

Well, it figures.

He's more of a pharm boy, actually.


He's been in and out of rehab.

How do you know?

Um... Natalie told me.

Man, that was supposed to be a secret.


Why do I suck so much at secrets?

People shouldn't tell me stuff.

Except for you.

You know I'm gonna take your secrets to the grave with me, right?

Tyler being an addict explains a lot.

He's using again.

He had scratches on his knuckles, and Lisa had a split lip.

Maybe he's violent and she's scared.

Wait, wait, wait. What?

Maybe you're on the fast bus to crazy town, man.

Tyler is a good kid.

He's got, like, a tiny criminal record.

If he was on something and killed Tom, that would explain why Matt had the jacket and why it disappeared.


Where are you going?

You need a new trap coupling. I don't have one in my kit.

I can come back, just not today.

You need water anytime soon?

Nah, I'm fine.

That's foul.

Here he comes. Roll camera. Roll, roll.

Mr. Crawford...

You mind just a quick question?

Just for a second.

Reporting for Channel 37.

One statement, please!

Did Detective Cornell...

I'm s...

I forgot.

It was for Christmas.

Go inside. I'll take care of sending it back.

Mr. Crawford?

Mr. Crawford?


Those look great, sweetheart.

Thanks, mom.

Ready to go, monkey?

Almost... just need my shoes.

About this morning...

It went really well.

We're just waiting on a counter offer.

You and the guy who bought you the earrings and took you to dinner?

Sam's just a client.

Does he know that?

Christy, I know you're probably looking at this guy, thinking how much easier it would be.

We both made mistakes, but that doesn't erase 17 years of marriage.

It doesn't erase our family.

Sam is just a client.

Ready, daddy!

Have fun.



Hey, I guess your parents didn't tell you it was canceled.

He's right over there.

Let's, let's go talk to him real quick.

Ben, I'm sorry about the mix-up.

Party's not tonight?

Actually, it was canceled.

We probably should've called everyone instead of sending out an e-mail.

Abby, go wait by the truck.

What the hell, man? There's kids in there.

I know. I'm sorry.

But under the circumstances, we just couldn't...

I know what they're saying about me, but don't punish Abby for it.

Ben, I'm trying to be the good guy here.

Then be the good guy.

I'll have Christy or Natalie pick her up.

I won't show my face.

It won't help.

After what happened at the winter fair, Abby just can't be here.

It's not just us, Ben. All right?

All the other parents agreed.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, honey.

Let's go home.

Could Nicky show you a good time like this?

No. You're much more fun.

Plus, you're not friends with Hannah and Kelly.

I used to be, but they don't invite me for sleepovers anymore.

I don't know why.

I'm glad you're doing okay, honey, but let's not forget why we're here tonight.

Those parents made a choice I didn't like, but they had a reason.

The winter fair.


Actions have consequences, Abby.

But that kid called you I know.

I know.

Just because he's a jerk doesn't mean it's okay to hit him.

That's never the answer.

As consequences for my cookies being gone, can we have ice cream, too?

Finish your burger.

Then we'll talk.


You need to report it.

To who?


She's not gonna do anything.

I use this car for business.

You can take my truck.

I have a house inspection in an hour.

If you're not gonna call her, I will.

Can I talk to Tyler?

Well I already told you, Tyler is staying at school for the holidays.

Lisa, I saw him in the woods.

Well, I don't see how that's possible.

He trashed Christy's car, he let Matt out alone, and what he did to you...

If you're having trouble with Tyler, lying about it's not gonna help.

Kevin warned me about you.

And I told him that he was wrong, but now you keep harassing me.

I got to go.

Will you just...

I really should get going.

I know.

Do you have all the photographs you need?

You're free to take the car, Mrs. Crawford.

I'll just finish up here with your husband.

Honey, unless, do you want me to follow you to the shop?

No, my client's picking me up.

Any luck...

Finding your jacket?

It's not mine, and no.

Are you gonna talk to Tyler Daly?

This is cannabis, not tobacco.

The kid went to rehab.

You shouldn't jump to conclusions, Mr. Crawford.

His mother is lying about where he is.

He had scratches on his knuckles.

There's something going on in that house, and I'm telling you, it's connected to Tom's murder.

You also thought the Richardsons had something to do with Tom's murder.

Tyler vandalized the fence and Christy's car.

He's trying to divert attention from him to me.

You're taking it seriously?

I take everything seriously.

Your situation reminds me of the halcro case.

Mr. halcro was murdered, and shortly into the investigation, his wife called me up and said she had received a threatening greeting card and feared for her life.

And, eventually, I realized that she had sent the card herself.

She wanted to be viewed more as a victim, not as a suspect.

But in the end, she was convicted of falsifying a police report and...


I did not vandalize my own property.

Maybe not, but your fence was defaced with paint that washes off... one like this.

And your wife's car was vandalized with paint cleaner like this.

But I maybe I shouldn't jump to conclusions, either.

Hey, Nat... Is Tyler Daly violent?


I know he's an addict.

When he's on something, is he violent?

I'm never telling Dave anything again, and I'm not snitching on Tyler.

Honey, I don't care about the drugs or whatever he's into. I'm being accused of murder. I need information.

There's no way he did anything to Tom.

I don't know.

Something's not right in the Daly house.

I just need to know what you know.

I only saw him lose it once, right before he went into rehab the first time.

Tyler's a nice guy, dad.

You should see him with Matt.

Good, you guys are going out.

I am... celebrating with a client. We closed on the house.

Can't you take him?


Do you need a ride or...

I called a cab already, but tomorrow, could you pick me up after my showing?

My car will be ready then.


Hey, good night!

Are you guys getting a divorce?

Natalie, I love you, but what's going on in our marriage is none of your business.

But my entire life is your business?

Pretty much. Yeah.


What's all this, Mr. Crawford?

What are you doing here?

You texted me. You asked me to come.

No, I didn't.

Mr. Crawford, I need you to step away.

This is a crime scene.

I'm really sorry I have to go.

It's fine.

Girls are okay, I'm okay.

Yeah, but these things, they keep happening.

It's just a prank.

I should be done around 2:00.

The address is on the fridge.

Got it.

Good luck.

Thank you.

Ben, please!

Mr. Crawford!

Why are detectives in your garage, sir?

None of your neighbors saw anything, and my techs didn't find any prints.

Whoever did this knows the press is here from 9:00 to 9:00.

What's more troubling is, they know how to get classified information.

The flashlight had not been made public.

Maybe your office had another leak.

It's probably the same moron who trashed my fence and Christy's car.

Those were juvenile acts of vandalism.

This took planning and sophistication.

It's an explicit threat.

It's flashlights.

It's the murder weapon... lots of them.

Mr. Crawford, I need to be sure that you know this is serious.

I'll compile a threat assessment, but in the meantime...

You need to watch your back.

Do you think Uncle Michael will make us eat that stupid fruitcake again?


But you could offer to make another dessert and save us.

Can't we just skip his Christmas party?

It's so boring.

It is, but it's important to your mother... it's her family.

Hey, what's up?

Hi. What did Cornell say?

No big deal.

I can tell you when I come get you.

Well, actually, you're off the hook.

Turns out I don't need a ride.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, yeah, everything's fine.

I have a lift to the body shop.

Christy, let's go.

Who's that?

I got to go. I'll see you later.

All right, I think you're good.

Thank you.

Did you find the jacket yet?

Don't you think I would've told you?

That's a good point.

So, the working theory is still Tyler?

I'm not crazy.

Does anybody that is actually know that they are, Ben?


So, if I was a shrink, I would say, go to the source.

I would say, talk to Matt.

He's nonverbal.

That is not true, man... the whole... that computer-y thing that he does.

He's, like, a super genius, man.

We talk. We have long talks.

He gets me.

What could it hurt?

You know very well what I'm talking about.

No, I don't!

Vanessa told me everything!

I trusted you with my son, and you pawned him off like a stray dog?!

Okay, I left Tom with Vanessa once!

What about the G.I. Joe? That was you, wasn't it?

So what?

Tom wanted to see his father!

He was my son, and I said no.

You need to learn the difference between right and wrong!

Are you kidding me?!

You slept with my dad!

You made a baby with him!


What is right about that?!



Get in the house.

Jess, what's going on?

Jess, just one, please!

Tell me again how sorry you are.

Get it over with and leave me alone.

You know what? I'm tired of you talking to me like that.

I already apologized.

This isn't about me.


She's the one who came over here.

Her son is dead.

So what?! Screwing someone else's husband doesn't matter?!

Everyone makes mistakes.

Jess isn't evil. She's human.

But what you guys did...

It happened!

And I can't change it, but I took responsibility for it because that's what you do... you own your mistakes.

Leave us alone.

Come on, Lisa, I just need to talk to Matt for one minute.

I know what you did to Joe and Vanessa.

What is wrong with you?

I will not let you near my son.

I saved Matt's life!

I would never hurt him, Lisa. You know that!

What was that?

Was that Tyler?



Ben, stop!

I want you out of here. I'm calling Kevin.

Lisa, what the hell's going on in here?

Tyler? You up here?

Ben, what are you doing?!

Get out of my house!

I know you're hiding him, and I know he's here!

You see? I told Tyler is not here.

Where's Matt?

Now you have to leave.

Is this his room? Matt?!

No, Ben, don't go in Matt's room!

Matty. Matt! Matt.

It's okay, it's okay.

I know. I'm just making sure you're okay! It's okay.

Matt's room... private.

Matty, Matty, where is Tyler?!

Ben, please leave!

All right, all right.

All right, mama's got you.

I know.

I know.

Shh, shh, shh, shh!

It's okay.

It's all right.

I know. It's okay.

Does Tyler hide things in here?!

It's all right.

Ben out.

Ben, please leave.

Is Tyler here?!

Okay, okay.

Okay. Got you.

Matt's things.

No, Ben, please don't touch Matt's things!

Don't t... Matty. Matt!




I'm not gonna take anything!

Where is your brother?

Where is your brother, Matty?!

Where is your brother?!

No, no, Matt. Matt, stop.

Matt? Matt, Matt, 4:00!

Hey! Hey, Matt! 4:00, bud!

Hey, it's 4:00. What do we do at 4:00?

We go to the chair.


At 4:00, we get a chair hug, Matt. Come on.


Come on, bud. Ready?

Come on. Here we go.

There you go.

You're okay, Matty.

You're okay.

You're okay.

Get out.

Get out!

The walls and your... your lip.

Tyler didn't kill Tom.

You think that Matt did it? You're insane.

I'm calling the police.



You have no idea how hard it's been since Tom...

I'm not talking about your loss.

That's unimaginable.

But you know Matty.

You know that he needs structure and routine and a sense of order, and with the police and the reporters and all of the noise, he gets upset.


Lisa, look at your house, your... that's...

I know, I know.

I know how it looks, but the only one that Matt is a danger to is himself.

No, he may not mean it, but Matt is violent.

Well, he lashes out, but I told you, it's because of everything that's been going on.

Once it stops, he'll be fine.

If he can do this to you, his mother, who else could he hurt?

Did he hurt Tom?

You know that Matt was never alone with Tom.

But how would you know? You didn't even know he was in the river.

Who the hell do you think you are?

My mom is doing the best she can.

If she says that Matt wasn't with Tom, then he wasn't.

Like she said that you weren't home?

Yeah, that's about me, not Tom.

Tyler, don't.

No, enough!

And I know about the rehab.

Good for you!

Then you know that I've put my mom through hell three times, and even now, after everything that happened, she still lets me stay here.

What happened? What ...What are you saying?

He's not saying anything.

I asked him to come home and to help me with Matt.

He came to help me with Matty.

Then why hide?

He's not hiding.


When you drive wasted, you hurt people!

We don't know that that's what happened.

I left the scene, and I ditched the car.

That is exactly what happened!

My mom is letting me hide here and...


I messed up, but...

I'm clean now, and I've been clean.

Okay How did Matt get the blue jacket?

Ben, you can look all over this house for that jacket, but I'm trying to protect my son... please don't call the police.

Come on, you do not have to protect me anymore.

You shouldn't. It doesn't help.

Besides, I took care of it, so...

Wait, what do you mean?! What did you do?!

Called the cops.

They're on their way.

I don't know how the hell he got my flashlight.

All I know is, he's violent.

You're trying to do my job, Mr. Crawford, and you're terrible at it.

Matt had the blue jacket with the bloodstain!

You actually think that an autistic boy broke into your truck, stole your flashlight, lured Tom out into the wood, and killed him?

I'm not saying he planned it.

I'm saying maybe there was an accident, and then Tyler took the jacket from the woods to cover for his brother 'cause that's what this family does... they cover.

I think you're losing your mind.

It was raining the night Tom was killed.


According to Lisa Daly, you know that Matt is terrified of the rain.

He hates the way it feels pelting his skin.

If it's raining, he won't go outside.

That's your proof?


And Matt's GPS bracelet has him at home in bed when Tom was killed.

That good enough for you?

You need to stop scorching the earth, Mr. Crawford.

You're hurting your family, your friends, your neighborhood.

If you keep pushing, someone's gonna push back.

This has got to be one of yours, right, dad?

Your choice... stop shaking gifts now or get nothing Christmas morning.

I think I should rewrap it.

Yeah, dad, it's a mess.

Let me see that.

It's not that bad.

It's... it's pretty bad.

I found your vandal.

What the hell?

Speak, Mr. Cooper.

I tagged your fence and messed up Mrs. Crawford's car.



He wouldn't let me see you.

I tried to call when we were all at Noah's.

Tom had just died.

There were other times.

The car was for the thing at my party.

I was high. It was stupid. I'm sorry.


I am sorry.

Do you want to press charges?


But I am calling your parents, and you're gonna pay for the damage.

And you can also get the hell away from my house.

We're done.

Nat, come on.

You heard her!

You're done-zo!

You're free to leave.

Thank you, ma'am.

Well, I'm glad that's over.

It's not over, Mr. Crawford.

A threat assessment confirmed my initial theory that the flashlights are completely unrelated to Mr. Cooper's vandalism.

Are you sure?

The person who broke into your garage is extremely skilled and dangerous.

My kids could break into my garage.

Perhaps, but I highly doubt they could send me a text message from your telephone number that's untraceable.

You can't figure out where it came from?

I need you to make a list of anyone you've angered lately, and if this escalates in any way, please...

Contact me.

I don't get it.

Why do you care?

To protect and serve, Mr. Crawford, that's the job.

Yeah, rehab was interesting.

It's definitely not something I want to do over again.

But it was helpful?


Mr. Crawford.

Tyler, I'm really sorry about the other...

Hey. No worries, man.

Since I turned myself in, the detective really went to bat for me.

Well, also, 'cause, you know, you didn't kill anyone.

Yeah, yeah, there's that.

Just, demolished a row of mailboxes.

But, yeah, she's recommending house arrest and community service, so, yeah, I guess I'm lucky.

That's good news. Bet mom's relieved.

How is she?

She's doing all right.

I don't know if it's a good idea for you to come over anytime soon.


See you later, Nat.

See ya.

Where are you going?

You told me to own it.

Nat, that's really...

I know, I know. You're proud of me.

Natalie, one question, please!

Please, Natalie!

What's your relationship with Tyler?


I just wanted to apologize for what I said.


What are you doing here?

I just came to give you an update.

Nat called already.

I guess, you know, we don't have to worry about Cooper coming around anymore.

For now.

Well, I was just gonna leave to meet a client, so...

At night?

What do you want?

This really isn't the time.

Do you even know?

How can I possibly answer that right now?

You can try.

A 5-year-old is dead.

You slept with the woman across the street, and every time I see her...

A slide show of the two of you just runs through my head, and I want to kill you.

But a 5-year-old is dead.

I can't scream, I can't yell, I can't cry.

I can't mourn the loss of my dignity, I can't...

I can't feel what I'm feeling... because a 5-year-old is dead.

I hate you.

And I love you.

And you're a suspect in a murder.

And I want to stay.

And I want to run for the hills.

So... I can't tell you what I want... because a 5-year-old is dead.

And he was your son.

You will pay for your sins.

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