The Father
Season 1, Episode 2
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  • March 1, 2015
  • 6.06
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Well you got the son you wanted!
Christy Crawford

"The Father" is the second episode of the first season of the American version of "Secrets and Lies" and the second episode of the series overall.


Ben decides to take matters into his own hands by investigating those that were closest to Tom after receiving shocking information about the case from Detective Cornell. Jess, Tom's mother, propels Ben in the direction of her estranged husband, Scott, who she believes may be his killer.


Ben visits Tom’s memorial site when he sees Jess approaching. He confronts her, asking if she knew that Tom was his son. She reveals she didn’t know until that day, only finding out from Cornell, who made the discovery via Ben’s DNA test. Ben maintains his innocence and Jess assures she believes him as she knows who did it. At Jess’ house, the two discuss Tom’s father, Scott, whom Jess believes killed her son. She reveals Scott wasn’t the saint many pegged him to be. Scott doesn’t know Tom is Ben’s – no one else does. If he did, he would have killed Ben. Their conversation is interrupted by Nicole, Jess’ sister.

When Christy inquires about Ben’s whereabouts, he admits to talking with Jess, who believes Scott killed Tom. An officer comes to the door with a summons from Cornell. Ben is not being arrested this time. At the station, Cornell informs Ben the coroner confirmed the cause of Tom’s death to be blunt force trauma and they determined the make and model of the flashlight used in the murder. Frustrated that Cornell still suspects him, Ben requests a polygraph test, much to the dismay of his lawyer. When the test is determined as inconclusive, his lawyer quits on him and advises getting a criminal lawyer.

Ben overhears Natalie planning a secret rendezvous and follows her, only to discover she is meeting with Scott. After witnessing affection between them, he runs across the street, causing Scott to leave. When Ben confronts her, she is furious. That night, an inconspicuous Ben searches for Scott at his army’s barracks, but he isn’t there. At the dinner table, Christy notices the tension between Ben and Natalie. He informs her Natalie is seeing Scott, as he witnessed the two holding hands. Baffled, Natalie corrects him: what Ben really saw was Scott giving her his silver star to put on Tom’s casket.

The next morning, Ben is running around the neighborhood when he hears screaming at Jess’ house and sees Scott Murphy’s motorcycle in the driveway. Jess and Scott are having a violent screaming match when Ben runs in and throws a punch at him. Scott retaliates, throwing punches and choking him. Jess yells at Scott to stop but he refuses until Nicole appears and demands he let go. Later, Ben goes to Cornell, pressing her on why she isn’t questioning Scott for the murder. It’s clear she still believes Ben did it.

While getting ready for bed, Ben’s phone rings. It’s Jess, calling him in tears asking him to come over, as she’s overwhelmed with details for Tom’s funeral the next day. Christy is understanding and tells him to go, but she’s visibly upset. Ben goes over to Jess’ house. Reminiscing about her son, Jess bursts into tears, with Ben consoling her. Jess tries to kiss Ben, but he pulls away. Returning home, Ben finds that Christy laid out beddings for him on the couch; she is not pleased.

The next day, Ben confronts Christy, insisting nothing happened with Jess the night before. He receives a call from Cornell who has an urgent message but he cuts her off to go to Tom’s funeral. Later that night, the family is gathered around the television when Cornell appears at the door. She delivers her message in person: there was a leak in the crime lab and the press knows about Tom’s paternity. Going back inside with his family, the news announces Ben is Tom’s biological father, shocking and upsetting the family.

Going into Abby’s room, Ben gently but honestly informs her that he is Tom’s father. Upon realizing Tom was her brother, she bursts into tears. Later that night, Christy confronts Ben about details surrounding the night he and Jess slept together six years prior. Christy recalls she and the girls were at her brother Michael’s following a fight between Ben and Christy, right after her abortion. Ben sleeps on the couch again. Waking up in the middle of the night, he opens his eyes to Scott standing above him. Scott threatens him saying if he doesn’t go to prison, he’s going to kill him.



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Notes and Trivia

  • Filming for this episode began on July 29, 2014 at the Graystone Inn and City Club in downtown Wilmington.
    • Permits say a couple of cast members will be involved in the scenes involving an establishing shot at City Club and interior lawyer office scenes at Graystone Inn.


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