Previously on "Secrets and Lies"...

Kevin: You got Scott Murphy turned in and forced the Richardsons to leave.

Now you're pestering Lisa?

You just won't be happy until the whole neighborhood is gone.

You're a reporter?

There is no story. I'm not guilty.

There's always a story.

You texted me. You asked me to come.

No, I didn't.

Whoever did this knows how to get classified information.

This is serious. You need to watch your back.

[Banging on door]

[Light switch clicks]

Ben: Hey! Hey!


[Glass clinking]

Cornell: Did you hurt yourself when you broke the window, Mr. Crawford?

[Motor whirs]

If you need medical attention, I can have EMS come back.

I'm fine.

[Car door closes]

How could they do this?

They hacked into your truck's security system, killed the power, frying the ignition switch remotely.

Who the hell can do that?

Very few people are capable of covering their tracks this well.

We also weren't able to trace the real source of the text I received from your number.

Why would someone do this?

Public perception is that you murdered a child.

Yeah, because that's what you wanted them to think.

Dead children tend to elicit a heightened emotional response.

Whoever did this, they watched, they waited.

You have a stalker, Mr. Crawford.

You mean aside from you?

You'll need police protection. I can assign a detail to you immediately.


E-excuse me?

You want permission to follow me around so you can send me to prison for something I didn't do.

This is for your own safety.

I'll take my chances.

Christy: Hey.

Excuse me.

You all right?

I'm fine.

I-I got locked in the truck.

Ben, someone's after you.

Cornell's looking into it.

Yeah, like she's looking into Tom's murder.

Go ahead. Have a good night.

Woman: She'll leave when he gets locked up. I just feel for those poor kids.

Are you kidding me?

Don't. It's not worth it.

This is ju...

My life.

[Sighs] Your life sucks.

Let's go home.

Dave: Are you guys okay?

[Light switch clicks] We're fine.

[Sighing] Oh, man. It's like the guy's Lex Luthor.

It's like you're dealing with an evil genius over here, man.

So we know it's not you, then.

[Sighs] Seriously, man, I'm scared.

Maybe you should come over here and stay with me. What do you think?

What exactly are you gonna do to protect me?

I got a bat.

Couple of nunchakus.

All right. I'm hanging up.


Dave is concerned.

I agree with him.

That's scary.

Who do you think's doing this?

Uh, they sent an untraceable text to my phone.

There's not a lot of people who can do that except for government types.

[Sighs] If I say it out loud, you're gonna tell me I'm crazy.

[Scoffs lightly]

You passed crazy about 10 miles back.

Go for it.

All right, well, we know Kevin served.

Right? And then he worked for the State Department.

But just think about this.

When we moved in, Kevin and Elaine brought us pie.

He lent me his drill and his mower, then all of a sudden, one day, it stops.


[Book thuds]

I know I'm right. I just have to prove it.

Oh, why not?

You went after Scott, the Richardsons, Matt Daly.

What's one more?

So, what should I do, wait for Kevin to make his next move?

[Sighs] You don't know it's Kevin.

Just before you ruin any more dinner parties, please go over there and talk to him.

I'm not denying that he hates you. Just ask him why.



[Chuckles lightly]

[Door opens]

[Cellphone ringing, vibrating]

[Cellphone beeps]


See you at the perp walk, Ben.

Yeah, thanks for the hospitality.

What's going on?

New story.

Teenage girl kidnapped by her father in Wilmington.

Just like that, they're gone.

Just like that.

[Engine turns over]

Did you need something, Ben?

Kevin around?

Uh, no.

You know when he'll be back?


Something wrong, Elaine?

I always try to see the best in everyone, and you always appear to be a good man, but...

But this... this has to stop, Ben.

You need to stop.

Stop what exactly?

My son was killed.

Oh, so now he's your son.

Seems to me that Scott was Tom's father.

Of course he was.

I know that.

Do you?

Because lately, you've been acting like the father of a murdered child.

You didn't raise him, and you sure as hell didn't love him like Scott did.

Is that what you think?

Is that what Kevin's problem with me is?

Kevin has his own issues with you. I'm just telling you like I see it.

We've known each other for years. You can't possibly think that I had anything to do with...

I don't know what to think, Ben, either way.

I'm fighting for my life, Elaine.

And you're destroying everyone else's in the process, stirring up things that need to be left alone. When is it enough, Ben?

I'm not destroying people. Their secrets are.

That's not my problem.

Your problem is you only think about yourself.

I know it's you.

And I know it was you.

[Car door closes]

Cornell: Mr. Crawford.

I told you I don't want a detail.

I'll respect that.

However, you should know this will escalate.

And while your family doesn't seem to be the target, they could become collateral damage anytime they're with you.

Surely you want them to have some protection.

Well, it can't hurt, can it?


You win.

[Door opens]

New developments in the kidnapping of Sarah Thompson have emerged...

[TV shuts off]

I wasn't watching that.

Why are the cops outside?

I asked for a detail.

A detail?

What? Like, to protect us?

Yeah, keep an eye on things.

Why now?

It's gonna be fine.

You know I'm not Abby, right?

Okay, hon. My truck was tampered with.

And after the flashlights in the garage, we just want to make sure nothing else happens.

What could happen?


I asked for them. They're just being careful.

[Bottles clink]

You do realize you don't live here anymore, right?

I'm visiting.

[Bottle cap clinks] By the way, your security sucks.

Natalie: Dad, what's really going on?


Worry not, young one. The psycho vigilante is after your pops, not you.

No one asked you, and no one's after me.

No, thank you, Dave.

It's nice to be treated like an adult.


[TV chatter]

I'll keep my mouth shut from now on.

Can you?


Haven't seen her broomstick.

[Bottles clink]

Where is she who must not be named?

Christy: Working in my office.

Hey, Christy. You look great.

[Cellphone ringing, vibrating]


[door closes]

Dave: ... Let me know if the flashlight is the murder weapon.

Ben: I'm not stupid. I wiped it off.

[Door closes]

It's called tampering.

That's me.


Got to get rid of it.


If they're watching me...

What the hell?

... murder weapon.

I'll do it. I'll get rid of it.

It's in a safe place.

You're sure?

Who... who sent this to you?

It says I did.

Okay, that's not good.

We got to tell Cornell, man.

And play that for her?

How did they record us?

They had to plant equipment.

[Door opens]

This is crazy.

This is crazy.

So creepy.

Freaking out here, man.

[Breathing heavily]

It's like the guy's everywhere.

Cameras, microphones.

It's like "1984."

Here we go.

[Police radio chatter]


It's an x37 covert cam.

Military grade.

Oh, my god.

How did you know it would be here?

Someone's been watching me.

They had to be doing it somehow.

So you just figured it out?


Are there others?

The only way for us to know is to search your whole house.

The detail's assigned to my wife and kids.


And you'll keep them safe?

I will.

Then search away.

I won't be here.

[Indistinct talking]

[Police radio chatter]

Where are you going?



Yeah, they'll search the house and find any other cameras or anything this guy's using to stalk me.

So, why can't you stay?

You guys will have the detail. You'll be safe.

But he's after you.

I'm not gonna let cops follow me around.

Why? What are you gonna be doing?

Why are they here again?

[Sighs] Sorry. I tried to keep her upstairs.

I'm not a baby. What's going on?

Honey, the police are here to keep us safe. That's all.

From who?

Listen, monkey.

Someone is mad at dad and doing some crazy stuff.

I'm afraid that if he comes after me and I'm with you guys, you would get hurt, and that can't happen.

So, I need you to stay here with your sister and mother, and be strong.

Where are you going?

I'm gonna go stay with Dave until the cops figure this out.

I could take them to Micheal's.

No. Michael lives in another county.

No. Detail won't extend there.

You guys, I'm gonna be okay.

You promise?


You can't promise that.

[Sighs] Can I have a hug?

It's gonna be all right.

Be careful.

[Door opens]

Awesome. Total bachelor pad.

So, wait. It's on McLaren?

Yeah, it's at the end the block there. It's the kind of grayish-toned one.



Let's go.


Hey, where's your truck?

Oh, it's in the shop.

You guys going on a trip?

Just gonna go stay with Dave.

[Car door closes]

Oh. Uh, Ben, I'm so sorry.


I mean, is... is it my fault?

No. [Scoffs]

[Car door opens]

Dave: You ready?

I am now.

[Car door closes]

[Engine turns over]

You're gonna love it here. Do you want to get changed?

Can I have it?




Thank you.


So, you think, uh, Cornell's going through your underpants right now?

As long as my family's safe, I don't care what she's doing.

Wish she was going through my underpants right now.

You know, I, uh, was thinking, if she's going through all your stuff, aren't you worried about the ashlight-flay?

Uh, don't worry about it.

But I was, uh... I was thinking about, like, what would I do, you know?

If I had to get rid of a murder weapon, where would I get rid of it, hypothetically?



[Clears throat]

Anyways, on the way to your asshat brother-in-law's for his annual, uh, lame party that he never invites me to, it's 20 miles of woods.

There's nothing.

It's like no trails, uncharted territory, you know, and "48 Hours" says that if you wanted to, you know, hide something, never want it found, that's a really good place to do it.

I'll keep that in mind when I have Christy and the girls in the car.

Just saying.

Hey, that's mine.

World's greatest dad.

You live like this?

Chicks dig it, man. It's bohemian.

It's sad.


Christy fell for it with you.

Yeah. That was a long time ago.

Her tastes have changed.

Yeah, she's changed.

[Cup thuds]


What happened to her?

One day, it was just like she was different, you know?

I'm not sure when. Maybe four, five years ago.

[Door opens]

I'm pretty sure it was six.

[Door closes]

[Christy sniffles]

You did it, didn't you?

I made a choice.

I can't even look at you right now.

Well you won't have to.

I'm taking the girls to Micheal's.

[Door opens]

[Exhales sharply]

Dave: Christy had an abortion?



You could have told me.

She made a decision. What's left to say?

I don't know. Could've been mad with you.

I didn't want to be mad.

Telling you wasn't gonna help. I just needed to get over it on my own.

And did you?

Did I what?

Get over it?

[Indistinct conversations in distance]

[Michael Franti & Spearhead's "Say Hey (I Love You)" plays]

♪ I love you, I love you, I love you ♪
♪ I've been a lot of places all around the way ♪
♪ I've seen a lot of joy, and I've... ♪

[Kevin laughs]

Hey, Ben.


Toss those in the cooler and come have a dog.

Oh, I'm not gonna stay, Kev.

I'm just coming by to say "hi", be neighborly.

I saw Christy and the girls leave.

They have other plans?

Hey, look, come on.

Come hang out a while and have a few drinks and food, see the rockets' red glare.



All right.

♪ It seems like everywhere I go ♪

Hey, guys.

♪ The more I see, the less I know ♪
♪ but I know one thing ♪
♪ that I love you ♪



♪ I love you, I love you ♪

So, your first 4th of July on Chelsea Bay Drive.

Yeah, I don't know if I can handle it, man.


No, it's, uh... actually, it's kind of nice.

It's like a real neighborhood.

Where did you live before?

Base housing.

Yeah, army wives are just really nosy.

Everybody stays in each other's business.

[Fireworks crackling]

Oh, so nobody warned you about these people.

Oh. [Laughs]

Hey, where's, uh... Scott.

I thought he was back.

He made the call to stay with his unit a few weeks longer.

[Clicks tongue] His guys come first.

Where's your family?

They went to the beach for the weekend.

Without you?

I have to work.

Aw. No one should be alone on a holiday.


Dave: Then that's when you and Jess...

It was stupid. I was pissed off.

Angry s*x.

Must have been intense.

As much as I love Tom... I wish it never happened.

[Knock on door]

[Chopsticks clink]

Grab the baseball bat.

[Door opens]


Come on in.

[Door closes]

What are you doing here?

I wanted to make sure you're okay.

I'm fine.

Uh, Dave, can you give us...

Yeah, uh, I'll be, uh... I'm going to leave now.

I feel bad.

I mean, I... Christy threw you out, and I'm partly responsible.

Christy didn't throw me out, and you have nothing to do with it.


Why are you here?

We're friends.

And you've always been there for me, so I just...

I don't know. I thought that...

Thought we'd have a drink, and then what?

Jess, I know you're sad. I'm... I'm sad, too.

But my family's falling apart. I got somebody stalking me.

I'm the main suspect in our son's murder, so forgive me if I can't deal with this right now, but I just can't.

[Door slams]


Sorry, man.

Don't apologize to me, man. She's got no one.


[Car door opens, closes, engine turns over]

[Tires squeal]

[Gun cocks]

Kevin: Stop.

Move. To the car.

What are you doing?

[Car alarm beeps]

Get in.

Get... in.

[Trunk lid closes]

[Insects chirping]

♪ Do I really want to know ♪
♪ what it's like to be ♪

[Muffled] ♪ all alone at the top of the food chain? ♪

[Loudly] ♪ living up to standards ♪
♪ in front of cameras ♪

[Muffled] ♪ a thousand eyes staring at you ♪
♪ hoping you fall ♪

[Loudly] ♪ I was made for this ♪
♪ I heard the sound of glory calling ♪
♪ and I couldn't resist ♪
♪ from what I've learned ♪

[Muffled music continues]

[Pen scribbling]

[Ball thudding]

[Loudly] ♪ better save yourself ♪
♪ when did it start? ♪
♪ Let me begin ♪
♪ chapter one, page one, are you... ♪

[Headphones clatter]


Kevin, stop!


Oh! Oh! Kevin, please stop!


You got it all wrong!


Please listen!

I didn't... [grunting]




You think I killed [Gasps] Tom. It's just not true.

Cold. Amazing.

It's blistering during the day, but the temperature really comes down at night, especially all the way out here.

[Breathing shakily]


Let's get those wet clothes off.

[Fabric tearing]

You know I served in the first Gulf War.

You know I worked for the State Department and was gone for long periods of time.

Ever wonder what I was doing?

I've been in places like this with people like you [Sighs] hundreds of time.

I'm not trying to boast.

I just want to allay any concerns you may have that I don't know what I'm doing.

I just need to start by asking you a few questions.

When's the last time you slept?


Simple question. Try not to lie.

Last night.

For how long?

Kevin, you've been to my house.

You know Christy. You know Natalie.

Forget them.

Forget your world as you knew it.



This is your world.

I ask...

You answer.

You lie... I punish.

I didn't kill Tom!

I ask, you answer.



What do you want from me?!

I ask, you answer.

Do you understand?

[Inhales shakily]

Yes. I understand.

Then we can begin.

I'll start with questions to which I know the answer.

This will get you in the habit of being truthful.

[Exhales sharply]

River water.

If you die during questioning, I simply dump you off the bridge.

What's the towel for?

The water in your lungs would be consistent with accidental drowning.

Or, given the circumstances, the cops think suicide.

Case closed.

Kevin, you don't want to do this.

When did I stop liking you?

I don't know.

"I don't know" is not an acceptable answer. I forgot to tell you. My mistake.


[Muffled screams, coughing]

When did I stop liking you?


Five or six years ago.

This isn't multiple choice. Which is it? Five or six.

Why does it matter?

What month?

I don't know!


Uh, September.

I was out of town all of August.

What happened six years ago in July?

The 4th.

Independence Day.

[Music playing on stereo]

I'm starving right now.

[Chuckles] I'm actually really hungry.

Ben: Well, Kevin does this 12-hour steak.


[Chuckles] Is that what's going on right now?


Hey, Kev, how's it going with those steaks?

I think, uh, Jess might turn on us if she doesn't eat soon.


Kevin: Uh, almost ready.

I just wish I had a little more charcoal.

I have some. I'll go get it.

Okay, great. Great. Great.

[Electricity crackles, music stops]

Elaine: Oh, I think...

I think this, um, extension cord is fried.


Oh, do you want me to see if he has another?

Yes, please.


Still can't see what's right in front of you.

What are you talking about?

The same selfish, self-centered way you see everything.

It's all about Ben.

E... Elaine, sweetheart, cover the grill for me.

Ben's taking too long, and my coals are dying.

Okay, no problem.

Uh, listen, don't touch anything. Just watch it.



Kevin: You screwed a soldier's wife while he was off protecting the freedom you take for granted every second of your life.

You knew the whole time?


I've been on to you for a while.

I watched and listened.

Yeah, I found your camera.

Good for you.

Too bad I cloned your cell... sent a few texts, turned on the microphone whenever I felt like it, made digital files.

Why didn't you just give them to Cornell?

Cornell already thinks you're a killer.

Why put myself in the hot seat?

I didn't do it.


You did.

I know who you are, and I know you killed Tom.

And that's how I know you're gonna confess before I'm through.



You okay?

[Sniffs] It was a mistake!

We can take a break if you need it.

You're cold.

[Breathing shakily]


So, tell me.

How many times did you screw the soldier's wife?

Just once.

Ohh! [Grunts]

Just once?

I-I sw... I swear! It's the truth!

And you think it's okay because it happened just once?

It's not.

All right. This is it.

Rookie Tom Murphy lines up for the game-winning extra point.

This one's going in. I can feel it.

It all comes down to this.

Here we go. Ready?

Set. Hut!

Tom: Yes!



Give me five.


[Chuckling] Good job. You won! You won the game!

Kevin: You screwed a soldier's wife just once, and after you did, how much quicker did Jess call on you to spend time with Tom when she should have been reaching out to Scott?

Tom was at my house all the time.

What should I have done?

Should I just have ignored him?

And why not?

You were just across the street while her husband was off protecting his country, protecting you.

I don't blame her. Elaine was alone, scared, vulnerable.

[Exhales sharply]

You took advantage of that.



You just said Elaine.


Yes, you did.

You said you don't blame Elaine.

For what?

What did she do, Kevin?

Did it happen while you were in Kuwait?

Did she screw somebody else?

I ask!


You answer!


[Breathing heavily]

[Insects chirping]

Hear that?

Hear what?

The people.

I don't hear anything.

You don't hear the highway?


Oh. I know why.

Because there's no one and nothing for 15 miles in every direction.


Did you kill Tom Murphy?


Then dig.

Is this how you did all your interrogations?


[Shovel clatters]

Only they got to use the shovel.


You can stop when you're ready to tell the truth about Tom's murder.





Hundreds of interrogations?

Shut up.

That's a lot.

If you're ready to confess, okay.




Of the hundreds, how many did you torture 'cause they reminded you of the other guy your wife screwed?



[Cellphone beeping]


[Cellphone beeping]


Dispatcher: 911. What is the nature of your emergency?

This is Ben Crawford! I need Detective Cornell!

Kevin: Not much of a signal out here, Ben.

I need Cornell!

Calm down.

Please be clear and state the nature of your emergency.

Ben Crawford. I need...

Give me the phone.

Sir, what is the nature of your emergency?

Sir? Hello?

Are you there? Are you there?



[Shovel scraping]

That's deep enough.

You ready to confess?

I didn't kill Tom.

Lie down.


[Shovel clatters]

Say again?

I put this in your mouth, pull the trigger, the expanding gases from the barrel explode your head like an overripe melon.

Do you know how insane you are?

You're the bad guy, not me.

If I killed Tom, you're right.

But what if you're wrong, Kevin?

If I didn't do it, what's that make you?

Last chance.

Admit what you did.

Tell the truth.

You don't care about the truth.

I care deeply about it.

That little boy had his whole life ahead of him, and you killed him so you could pretend it never happened. Now admit it!

I'd rather you shoot me than lie and say I killed my son.

Cornell: Put the gun down!

I'm on your side.

Put the gun down now.

[Gun clacks]

Here he is.

[Handcuffs click]

There's no justice.

Yes, there is, Mr. Williams.

You just won't find it out here.

Let's go.

[Police radio chatter]

[Police radio chatter]

How did you know I was missing?


We tracked Kevin's cellphone signal and narrowed down the location.

You knew it was Kevin the whole time.

[Engine turns over]

What one knows and what one can prove are two very different things.

You could have prevented this.

How's that?

I offered you protection. You refused it.

I told you the seriousness of this situation, and you went off the reservation.

But you knew who was after me.

I can't arrest a criminal before they act, but I did give him a warning, which you witnessed.

And so now what?

Kevin gets off easy 'cause... I had it coming?

I did my job. The man's in custody.

Now it's the DA's problem, and I can go back to solving Tom's murder.

They're gonna be taking you to the hospital, and a detective will come by and get your formal statement.

[Police radio chatter]

Dave: Hey.

[Door closes]

Daddy! [Chuckles]

Hey, monkey.

Christy: Hey, hey.

Let's go set the table.

Hey, man.

Hi, dad.


We ordered pizza for you.

Yeah, I brought your, uh, stuff back here.


Are you okay? I mean, shouldn't you still be in the hospital?

Don't they need to make sure?

I'm okay.

I-I wouldn't be here if I wasn't.

Do you want to sit?


[Sighing] Oh, man.



Yeah. Sure, yeah. Looks good.

Dad, you want that, too?



I'm not hungry.


[Door opens]

[Insects chirping]

[Door closes]


You okay, buddy?


Because it would be totally fine if you weren't.


Can't talk about it.


I'm here for you if you need me.

I'm ashamed.

You're ashamed?

What... y-you have nothing to be ashamed about.

Yes, I do.

Tom was killed.

And I turned myself into the victim.


[keyboard clacks]

Are you coming to bed?

Yeah. I'll be there in a minute.

[knock on door]


Ben! Ben!

Wait! Stop! I didn't print it!

I had to get your attention!

I'm not ... ohh!


I'm... I am after Cornell.

[Breathing heavily]

And I need your help.

Uncover new clues to TV's twistiest mystery... go to now.

She's not going to stop unless I stop her.

How are you going to stop her?

Two weeks from tonight... it's time for Ben Crawford to turn the tables I gotta prove that Cornell's crooked.

But mess with this woman...

Once you're on the wrong side of Detective Cornell, that's where you stay.

And the fallout...

Brace yourself for a full court press...

Will be nuclear!

New "Secrets and Lies" returns Sunday, April 12th, 9/8 pm central on ABC.

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