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Stephen M. Irwin
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Stephen M. Irwin is an acclaimed author, and the writer of the the first season of the Australian television show "Secrets & Lies". He would go on to write the pilot episode for the first season of "Secrets and Lies", the Americanized adaptation of the same story.


Irwin wrote and directed a number of short films, including award winning shorts Car Pool Best Comedy, St Kilda Short Film Festival 2007 and Ascension (Best Short, Sci-Fi-London 2008). He has written and directed documentaries broadcast on Australian television, and has been engaged as a writer of Australian series drama.

Irwin lives in Brisbane, Queensland with his wife and two children.



  • Ascension (Short) (as Stephen Irwin) 2008
  • (S)truth (TV Series) (as Stephen Irwin) 2003


  • Girl Clock! 2010 Roger (as Stephen Irwin) 2010
  • Sea Patrol (TV Series) Mr Holiday 2009
  • The Starter Wife (TV Mini-Series) 2007


Written Episodes

"Secrets & Lies"

Season 1

"Secrets and Lies"

Season 1

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