FANDOM was the official website created to complement the Australian version of Secrets & Lies (Australian Series). Registered in July of 2013, the site operated throughout the series' original run in 2014, going offline shortly before the release of the American version of the show. The domain registration expired in July of 2015, and was never renewed.


Similar to the American website, the website allowed viewers to watch clips relating to the series as well as analyze the clues and suspects involved with the case. Note that all clips, while no longer available online, are all included on the various DVDs included in the Secrets & Lies Australian DVD release.

The site was divided into six subcategories: Webisodes, Suspects, Lie Detector, All Clues, Episodes, and About.


Similar to Cornell Confidential, the webisodes featured on revolved around Detective Cornielle, and gave extra insight into the episode featured that week.

Prequel Webisode: The case begins

  • Detective Cornielle begins his investigation into the murder of Thom Murnane.

Webisode 1: The murder weapon

  • The murder weapon is revealed and a new suspect appears.

Webisode 2: The missing suspect

  • Cornielle sets his sights on Paul Murnane and uncovers evidence of a violent past.

Webisode 3: A new lead

  • Cornielle investigates an unlikely suspect.

Webisode 4: Caught in a lie

  • A fortuitous drug arrest gives Cornielle a new lead on the murder.

Webisode 5: A secret past

  • Cornielle discovers the grieving mother has a dark side.

Webisode 6: The final interrogation

  • The case has been solved, but now Cornielle is the one being interrogated.


Ari Bedrosian

Profile: Ari Bedrosian serves in the 2nd Commando Unit in the Australian Army, alongside Thom Murnane's father Paul. He has completed three active tours of duty. Ari is a close personal friend of Paul Murnane's and was a regular visitor to the victim's house, however Jess claims her son was scared of Ari.
Alibi: CCTV footage confirms Ari was at Jupiter's Casino on the Gold Coast at the time of the murder.
Possible Motive: Currently unknown
Points of Interest:

  • Ari was involved in a violent physical altercation with Ben Gundelach.
  • Ari provided a false alibi for Paul Murnane.
  • Ari hindered the murder investigation by lying to police about the whereabouts of Paul Murnane.
  • Jess Murnane has claimed she did not feel comfortable leaving Thom alone with Ari.
  • Ari's military record has multiple citations for excessive violence against civilians while on deployment.

Suspect Clues
Ari Bedrosian's Profile
A missing torch
Key evidence
A secret meeting

Oliver Dawson

Profile: Oliver is an architecture student who studies with Christy Gundelach. The two have become close friends in recent times, with one source claiming the pair is romantically involved. Oliver says he has only visited Blackwood Crescent on two occasions to drop Christy home from class. However Elaine Gresham reports she has seen him drive past the street late at night on "dozens of occasions".
Alibi: No alibi
Possible Motive: Currently unknown
Points of Interest:

  • Oliver's ex-wife insists he is infatuated with Christy, saying "he would do anything for that woman."

Suspect Clues
Oliver Dawson's Profile
Romance blooms
Christy's guilt

  • Malcolm McKinnon
  • Timothy Turner
  • Vanessa Turner
  • Nicole Hoebel
  • Paul Murnane
  • Jess Murnane
  • Ben Gundelach
  • Christy Gundelach
  • Dave Carroll
  • Tasha Gundelach
  • Cooper Dobson
  • Eva Gundelach
  • Elaine Gresham
  • Kevin Gresham
  • Kaitlin Swann

Lie Detector

In this section, videos were periodically released to complement the content seen within the episode that aired. These "interrogation" videos presented potentially incriminating evidence about each suspect, thereby allowing the viewer to make their own determination as to whether or not they thought the suspect was guilty or innocent.

Ben Gundelach - Violence

  • Is Ben a violent man?

Nicole Hoebel - Cheating

  • Was Nicole's affair with Paul part of a master plan?

Dave Carroll - Sex

  • Dave swears he didn't sleep with Tasha. Do you believe him?

Malcolm McKinnon - Ben

  • Malcolm admits he hates Ben.

Ben Gundelach - My Son

  • Ben distances himself from a possible motive.

Ari Bedrosian - Loyalty

  • Ari insists Paul is innocent. But is he just covering for a mate?

Jess Murnane - My Husband

  • Would Jess lie to destroy her husband?

Paul Murnane Fatherhood

  • Paul insists he's a loving father. But can he be trusted?

Ben Gundelach - Fidelity

  • Is Ben a faithful husband?

Tasha Gundelach - Sex

  • Tasha seems so sweet and innocent. But do you trust her?

Cooper Dobson - Tasha's Temper

  • Cooper reveals what he thinks Tasha is capable of.

Kevin Gresham - Kids

  • Kevin remembers Thom fondly. But is there more to the story?

Ben Gundelach - Innocence

  • Ben professes his innocence. But do you trust him?
Secrets & Lies Ben Gundelach - Innocence01:07

Secrets & Lies Ben Gundelach - Innocence

Christy Gundelach - Faith

  • Does Christy really believe her husband is innocent?

Paul Murnane - The Past

  • Paul confesses to having killed.
Secrets & Lies Paul Murnane - The Past01:16

Secrets & Lies Paul Murnane - The Past

Dave Carroll - Alibi

  • Is Dave covering for his best friend?

Jess Murnane - My Boy

  • Jess claims she was asleep at the time of the murder. Is she lying?

Nicole Hoebel - Jealousy

  • Nicole says she would never hurt Jess. Do you believe her?

Dave Carroll - Drugs

  • Dave claims he's a fun drug dealer, not a dangerous one.

Dr Turner - Mistakes

  • Dr Turner tries to clear his name.

Eva Gundelach - Blame

  • Eva struggles with her parents' separation.

Ben Gundelach - Betrayal

  • Ben pledges fidelity to his wife. Again. Do you trust him?

Nicole Hoebel - Secrets

  • Nicole reveals her sister's dark secret.

Jess Murnane - Regret

  • Was Jess really a loving mother?

Christy Gundelach - Hate

  • Is Christy capable of the most brutal revenge?

Ben Gundelach - Murder

  • Ben relives the moment he stood above Thom's dead body.

All Clues

Week 6
Week 5
Week 4
Week 3
Week 2

Week 1

  • A secret caller?
  • Incriminating evidence
  • Absent father
  • Nicole's longing
  • An online threat
  • A secret meeting
  • Vandalism or misdirection
  • The murder weapon
  • Suspicious timing
  • Thom's toy
  • Ben Gundelach - Fidelity
  • Tasha Gundelach - Sex
  • Cooper Dobson - Tasha's Temper
  • Kevin Gresham - Kids
  • Sympathy or guilt
  • Dr Turner's fear
  • Tasha's older man
  • Webisode 1 - The murder weapon


  • Prequel Webisode - The case begins
  • Nicole Hoebel - Jealousy
  • Jess Murnane - My Boy
  • Christy Gundelach - Faith
  • Paul Murnane - The Past
  • Dave Carroll - Alibi
  • Ben Gundelach - Innocence
  • Unknown caller
  • Christy's secret
  • The night of the murder
  • A history of violence
  • Did Christy lie to police?
  • The crime scene
  • The 000 call
  • Tasha's temper
  • Positive match
  • Thom's final warning
  • No forced entry
  • Running
  • Paul's violent past



About the Show

Secrets & Lies is a gripping six-part series that tells the story of Ben Gundelach (played by Martin Henderson - The Ring, Little Fish, Bride & Prejudice and Devil’s Knot), an everyday family man who finds the body of a young boy and quickly becomes the prime murder suspect.

Filmed in various locations in and around South East Queensland, Secrets & Lies boasts some of Australia’s finest actors. Joining Martin are Diana Glenn (The Slap, Killing Time) as Christy Gundelach, Anthony Hayes (Devil’s Dust, Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms) as Detective Cornielle and Adrienne Pickering (The Reef, Rake) as Jess Murnane.

An Australian first in FTA television, Secrets & Lies is not just a thrilling drama series for television. It’s so much more…

Hoodlum has created a ‘whodunnit’ story that unfolds across a suite of digital platforms, from television to online to the second screen and social channels, delivering a truly interactive experience.

Devised from the outset as a multiplatform thriller, viewers are invited to engage with the characters and the story of the murder on Blackwood Crescent across television, a dedicated website, Twitter, Facebook and Ten’s tablet platform, zeebox.

Audiences are going to be armed for the very first time with several ways to solve this mystery!

"Gripping stuff", "real and raw", "Martin Henderson is amazing". Read the Secrets & Lies review on

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