Kate Warner
Kate Warner
Biographical Information
  • 1980
  • 36
  • Deceased †
Professional Information
Physical Description
  • Female
Family Information
Marital Status:
  • Charlie Peterson (son)
  • Unborn Child †
Character Information
Portrayed by:
First Appearance:

Kate Warner (neé Martin) was the late wife of Eric Warner in the second season of the American version of "Secrets and Lies".


Physical Appearance



Kate and Eric had a seemingly perfect relationship. She got a black eye after accidentally walking into a cabinet door.

Season 2

Official Description

KATE WARNER, kind, smart and beautiful, is an accomplished attorney who runs the compliance department at SEG. Kate's introduction to the Warner family came when she met Eric's sister, Amanda, in law school. Years later, she started working at SEG with Eric, his father John, and his brother Patrick. While Eric wasn't looking for love - Kate was unlike anyone he'd ever met. A no-frills woman with her priorities straight, Kate quickly slipped in under his radar with charm, spice and intelligence and six months ago, he married her. On top of the world, they attend a firm party celebrating Eric taking over the reins until... Kate meets her untimely demise.

The Fall

Kate met an untimely demise after being pushed over the railing on the rooftop of the building in which she lives.

The Husband

Kate is revealed to have withdrawn $100,000 from Kate and Eric's bank account.

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