John Warner
John Warner
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  • Alive
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Physical Description
  • Male
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John Warner is the father of Robert, Eric, Amanda, and Patrick Warner in the second season of the American version of "Secrets and Lies". Played by American starring actor Terry O'Quinn, John makes his debut on the episode "The Fall", in the series' second season.


Physical Appearance



Season 2

Official Description

Father to Eric, Amanda, and Patrick, John Warner is a loving parent and respected businessman. As founder and CEO of private equity firm Sherwood Equity Group, he uses old-fashioned values to save failing businesses and rebuild them to their fullest potential and profit. After a tragedy involving his wife two decades prior, John was forced to raise all three kids on his own, while maintaining a multi-million dollar company. Even though he claims to have tried his best, strained relationships and unanswered questions remain regarding the family's past.


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