Ian Cornielle
Biographical Information
  • The Vulture
  • 1974
  • 40
  • Alive
Professional Information
Current Occupation:
  • Detective Sargent
Physical Description
  • Male
Family Information
Character Information

Ian Cornielle is a police detective in the Australian version of "Secrets & Lies". Played by Australian starring actor Anthony Hayes, Detective Sargent Cornielle makes his debut in the series' premiere episode, "Episode 1", in the series' first season. The top Homicide Detective for the Brisbane/Ashgrove Police Department, his commitment to justice is unparalleled, so it's no wonder he has the highest close rate in his department. When 4-year-old Thom Murnane is murdered, Cornielle embarks upon an unrelenting pursuit of the offender, who he believes, from early on, is Ben Gundelach. His unwavering dedication to his job makes him the most formidable opponent - or a highly valuable ally. Last seen in the series' finale episode, "Episode 6", Ian realizes it wasn't Ben who killed Thom, and doesn't stop until he finally brings the true killer to justice.


Physical Appearance



Ian Cornielle is a police detective for the Brisbane/Ashgrove Police Department. Working for the homicide department, his close rate is the highest in the department.

"Episode 1"

Ian Cornielle is called in to investigate the death of four-year-old Thom Murnane.

"Episode 2"

"Episode 3"

"Episode 4"

"Episode 5"

"Episode 6"




Family Tree

Ian Cornielle

Mr. Cornielle
Mrs. Cornielle
Unknown Brother
Ian Cornielle
Unknown Wife
Josh Cornielle

Cornielle's Clues & Speculation

While the story is presented to where the viewer is taking the place of Ben Gundelach, a series of webisodes, or web-only mini-episodes, put you in the place of Ian Cornielle. Part of a multi-platform marketing campaign, Clues were presented before, during, and after each episode. The six webisodes, not counting the prequel, were available after each showing, and took behind the scenes to show interviews with characters not seen on screen. Other clues included audio recordings, images, video character profiles, "lie detector" videos, or confessionals, with each character, and "exclusive content" to help provide the most complete "Secrets & Lies" viewing experience possible.


"Secrets and Lies" Season 1 Appearances'
#01"The Trail" #02"The Father" #03"The Affair"
#04"The Sister" #05"The Jacket" #06"The Confession"
#07"The Cop" #08"The Son" #09"The Mother"
#10"The Lie"   ;   ;

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