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  • 3 March 2014
  • 0.404
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"Episode 1" is the first episode of the first season of the Australian version of "Secrets & Lies", and the first episode of the series overall.


Ben Gundelach's life is turned upside down when he discovers the body of four year-old Thom Murnane in the woods near his home. Ben finds himself struggling with his home and professional lives when the case receives national attention and the media portray him as guilty before the police even rule the death as suspicious.


Ben Gundelach is an ordinary, everyday family man who finds the body of a murdered four-year-old boy. The boy, Thom Murnane, lived in Ben's street with his single mother Jess. Now everyone in the street is a suspect and Ben is shocked that he is at the top of the list. Plainclothes cops watch Ben constantly. His once affable neighbours now turn away. Journalists swarm his home and Ben's clients pull their business. At home, his already strained relationship with his wife Christy threatens to snap and their older daughter, Tasha begins receiving online hate messages.

Under the watchful eye of inscrutable Homicide Detective Ian Cornielle, Ben's quiet suburban life begins to unravel. Ben struggles to deal with the fact that he's the prime suspect in Thom's murder. And that people believe he could be guilty. At his wits' end, Ben begins a journey to expose the killer; a journey that will uncover the ugly secrets and lies behind the seemingly benign veneer of Blackwood Crescent.



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