Cornell Confidential
Cornell: Confidential is a series of 18 "webisodes", or mini-episodes used to complement the American version of "Secrets and Lies". Available only online, one video was released each week, following each episode's original airdate. The stories help to provide background information relating to the information presented within each episode.



The 18 webisodes that created the "Cornell: Confidential" special were only available by navigating to the ABC Network's official website, clicking "Secrets and Lies" and then "Cornell: Confidential". They involve Detective Andrea Cornell interviewing others to discuss their involvement in the case.

Season 1

#01 - Christy

Christy meets with Cornell, answering questions about the night Tom was murdered. Cornell is relentless with her questions, catching Christy in a lie.

#02 - Head of Crime Lab

The head of the crime lab angrily barges into Cornell's office; she informs him there's a leak in his department, as the DNA results were leaked to the media.

#03 - Dave/Cornell

Cornell takes Save to breakfast after Ben kicks him out. The two start to bond when she proceeds to question him about Ben’s secrets, pitting him against his friend and threatening him if he doesn't divulge information.

#04 - Fenton

Cornell interrogates Arthur Fenton about hiring Ben. When Fenton defends his decision, Cornell reveals she knows he hired Ben to get to her: after all, this isn't the first time they have met.

#05 - Col. Gwen Anderson

In a deserted park, Colonel Gwen Anderson meets with Cornell in secret, apprehensively handing her secret files. When Cornell presses for more information, Anderson refuses to answer.

#06 - Michael

Christy’s brother Michael goes to Cornell to help her put Ben away. When Michael is insistent on aiding the investigation, Cornell pinpoints his ulterior motives and his pretentiousness.

#07 - Dr. Barrett

Cornell meets with Dr. Ethan Barrett, a therapist – and Cornell’s ex-husband.

#08 - Christy/Natalie/Abby

Cornell pays a visit to Christy, Natalie and Abby at Michael's house to tie up loose ends. Abby reveals that Ben did everything with Tom except for swimming because Tom was too afraid, while Natalie recalls she promised to teach him this summer.

#09 - Elaine/Cornell

Elaine calls Cornell at the station, saying Ben asked her to call because Abby is missing; he thinks Jess might have her. Cornell sends a unit to their street, and gets word that someone on the street is claiming sexual assault.

#10 - 14 Months Later

Natalie and Dave celebrate her 18th birthday when Cornell walks in. With Ben gone, Natalie wants to help Cornell clear her father's name - even if that means testifying against Abby.

Season 2

#01 - Mr. Dorsey

Detective Cornell is looking for evidence in the murder of Kate Warner and her top priority is finding a missing cell phone. But when she interviews the homeless man who found the phone, she winds up getting a key piece of information.

#02 - Special Assignment

The Major calls Detective Andrea Cornell's partner into his office for a little chat. He knows Cornell is tenacious and is wants someone to keep an eye on her, but her partner knows she won't like being spied on.

#03 - Tracking Kate's Son

Detective Andrea Cornell is trying to track down not only Kate Warner's son, but the parents who adopted him as a baby. If Kate had been trying to make contact with the child she'd given up all those years ago, the adoptive parents may have a had a reason to want her gone.

#04 - Amanda's Husband

Detective Andrea Cornell interviews Dr. Greg Young, Amanda Warner's estranged husband. He wasn't at the SEG building the night of Kate Warner's death, and he reveals a shocking reason why.

#05 - Mrs. Stone

Detective Andrea Cornell interviews Eric Warner's assistant, Mrs. Stone, who has been with the company for many years. Cornell gets stonewalled when she asks about John Warner's travel arrangements, but Mrs. Stone is more forthcoming when it comes to Neil Oliver.

#06 - Vice

A vice bust for prostitution ends up having an important tie to Kate Warner's murder due to the involvement of Patrick Warner, Eric's brother. But the detectives in vice don't seem interested in helping Detective Andrea Cornell, until they make their own case that is.

#07 - Ken Turk

Detective Andrea Cornell wants to speak to Assistant District Attorney Ken Turk about something when he asks about her daughter and if she violated her parole. At first she fears the worst, but ADA Turk surprises her with strong advice on how to help her daughter fight her addiction.

#08 - Melanie's Photos

As Detective Andrea Cornell and her partner look through photos captured by Melanie Warner from the brothel she was running out of the house on Mint Hill Drive, they stumble across a familiar face: someone from the SEG skybox photo!

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