Clues & Speculation, also known as Cornielle's Clues & Speculation, is a series of webisodes, or web-only mini-episodes created to complement the first season of the Australian version of "Secrets & Lies".


While the televised storyline is presented to where the viewer is taking the place of Ben Gundelach, this series of online webisodes put you in the place of Ian Cornielle. Part of a multi-platform marketing campaign, Clues were presented before, during, and after each episode. The six webisodes, not counting the prequel, were available after each showing, and took behind the scenes to show interviews with characters not seen on screen. Other clues included audio recordings, images, video character profiles, "lie detector" videos, or confessionals, with each character, and "exclusive content" to help provide the most complete "Secrets & Lies" viewing experience possible.


When "Secrets and Lies", the show's American counterpart was released, all online content was removed yet subsequently packaged alongside the six episodes released on DVD. This allows viewers to watch the episode and then go to a separate menu to view all clues associated with that episode.


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